NeuroTechnology Studio

A suite of advanced technology, open to our neuroscience community

The new NeuroTechnology Studio is a centralized platform of advanced instrumentation and expert support for studying the brain, now under development. To be widely shared among many hundreds of individual researchers and physicians each year, its aim is to help accelerate critical research and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes—from newborns to seniors.


In short, the NeuroTechnology Studio will ensure that our community’s neuroscientists have access to the best and most appropriate technology and guidance necessary to advance our understanding and treatment of brain and mind conditions. It will incorporate a wide variety of the latest equipment types, such as confocal microscopy, high content imaging, sequencing and expression, cell profiling and chemical probes. Platforms will be developed gradually over 3 – 4 years.


Located at the BWH Building for Transformative Medicine, the Studio also will include seven full-time scientists and technicians to help investigators optimize technology being used in experiments, ensure the quality of emerging data, and interpret data.


A number of specialized NeuroTech Advisory Committees are being established to help ascertain overall priorities as well as which instruments and platforms are likely to have the biggest impact on our community. For information about becoming a member of an Advisory Committee, please contact Patti Stoll, Associate Director, BWH Program for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience: The ideal committee member would be well versed in the particular technology theme and have a significant interest in our community’s related technology needs (and not their own individual research needs).


Recent Update

The NeuroTechnology Studio’s first two pieces of equipment are installed and ready for use: the GE IN Cell Analyzer 2200 (widefield high-content imaging system) and Leica RM2125 Rotary Microtone. For specifics about equipment, training and access—as well as other purchases underway— go to equipment and access.