Women’s Brain Initiative

Research Fellowship Program

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The WBI Research Fellowship Program is an important component of WBI. Each year, for three years, the WBI Fellowship Program is designed to select two early-career neuroscientists at the Brigham who wish to explore how biological sex may affect neurologic or psychiatric disorders, and related conditions of the nervous system, as well as how female-specific life transitions may influence brain health. The Program is structured to enable selected fellows to pursue new ideas not covered by their mentors’ laboratory and to develop their careers as independent investigators.


Each selected WBI Research Fellow shall receive $50,000 per annum for two years. The next WBI Research Fellowship RFP will be issued in February 2020. This Program is geared toward junior investigators. Postdoctoral research fellows, clinical fellows, Instructors, and Assistant Professors (within 3 years of Assistant Professor appointment) at the Brigham, with support from their mentors, are eligible to submit an application.


To date, the WBI Fellowship Selection Committee has selected the following investigators to join the WBI Research Fellowship Program. Congratulations to the awardees!


June 2018 Awardees

Laura Cox, PhD

BWH Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Disease

Harvard Catalyst BIO

Fellowship Project: Sex-dependent role of the microbiota in Alzheimer’s diseases

Rosalind Lai, MD

BWH Department of Neurosurgery

Harvard Catalyst BIO

Fellowship Project: Risk factors for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in women

June 2019 Awardees

Iain Clark, PhD

BWH Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases

Harvard Catalyst

Fellowship Project: Analysis of Sex Differences in CNS Inflammation by scRNA-seq

Michael Wheeler, PhD

BWH Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases

Harvard Catalyst BIO

Fellowship Project: Analysis of Sex Differences in CNS Inflammation by scRNA-seq

Jie (Jack) Hu, MD, PhD

Department of Medicine/Women’s Health

Harvard Catalyst BIO

Fellowship Project: Metabolomic Response to Hormone Therapy and Ischemic Stroke in Postmenopausal Women