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The compact, sleek Chromium Controller rapidly and efficiently combines large partition numbers with a massively diverse barcode library to generate >100,000 barcode-containing partitions in a matter of minutes. The Chromium Controller fits on a standard laboratory bench and allows a user to run any Chromium Solution, from genome to single cell analysis.


Users interested in the 10X Chromium technology have two alternatives.    First, the studio partnered with the Division of Rheumatology Alllergy and Immunology and the Evergrande Center to launch a full-service Single Cell Genomics Core. This is now a separate core facility that provides a full pipeline from cell sorting to library preparation to sequencing and bioinformatic analysis.  Please contact the core for further details.   Booking and pricing information are available through the Partners Core Management System.


As an alternative for users withing to run their own experiments, the Neurotechnology Studio also has a stand-alone 10X controller, located in the Studio’s own lab (HBTM 07006D).  For training on this instrument, please contact your lab’s PI. Each lab has a “super user” who was trained by 10X Genomics, who will then train lab members. For more information please contact Lai Ding (


PUBLICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If support from the NeuroTechnology Studio results in a research paper or other public presentation, please acknowledge this support by including the following statement in your publication(s):


“We thank the NeuroTechnology Studio at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for providing [as applicable] instrument access and consultation on data acquisition and data analysis. “