Andor Dragonfly 600 Spinning Disk Confocal

System location: HBTM 10th floor 10012D
To schedule a training session or pilot on the system, please contact Lai Ding (

Reservation is through the Partners Core Management System (PCMS). Users need to register through the PCMS website (see below), then request training.


Available Techniques: Spinning disk confocal, Super-resolution, Photon activation, Fluorescence, Brightfield,

Objectives: 5x, 20x (water), 40x (water), 40x (oil), 100x(oil)


Dragonfly delivers outstanding multi-dimensional images from subcellular (nm) to whole organism (cm), while significantly boosting productivity. Its unrivalled combination of speed and sensitivity allows researchers to discover unforeseen dynamic events and image live organisms for days. The new B-TIRF and super resolution modules reveal smaller details, such as the dynamics of viral infection and the ultrastructure of chromatin or organelles.


PUBLICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If support from the NeuroTechnology Studio results in a research paper or other public presentation, please acknowledge this support by including the following statement in your publication(s):


“We thank the NeuroTechnology Studio at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for providing [as applicable] instrument access and consultation on data acquisition and data analysis. “