Image Processing Software

The NeuroTechnology Studio offers comprehensive image analysis service. Image analysis service includes consultation, image analysis protocol design, custom code generation for batch process, and collaboration with users on custom developed algorithms.


The best way to to start your image analysis process is schedule a meeting NTS senior imaging scientist Dr. Lai Ding to discuss. Dr. Ding also gives seminars and workshops in digital image analysis. Email Lai Ding at for any image analysis questions. Dr. Ding also gives seminars and workshops in digital image analysis, please email Dr. Ding if you wan to be placed on NTS email list to receive announcement of those seminars/workshops.



We offer in-depth image analysis service, include custom code writing on FIJI ImageJ. ImageJ is a NIH developed, open-source image analysis software.




Aivia 3D Rendering


Workstation location: HBTM 7th floor 07006.2


The Aivia 3D package is for researchers looking for automated analysis solutions for 3D and 3D+time applications. The software is designed to work with huge datasets to give you accurate analysis results. With multi-resolution rendering and fast surfaces, you can display and interact with your data in seconds. Our analysis recipes detect and track objects (cells, nuclei, organelles, particles, etc.) automatically and can be easily adjusted to your datasets. You also have access to a wide range of morphological, intensity, motion and lineage measurements with the recipes for comprehensive analysis of your data.

Contact Lai Ding for pilot session and training. 


Huygen’s Deconvolution Software



Workstation location: HBTM 9th floor 9016BB


Deconvolution is a processing technique that improves the appearance of microscopic images by removing blurriness.With Huygens it is possible to perform image deconvolution and restoration, interactive analysis, and volume visualization in 2D-4D, multi-channel and time.

Contact Lai Ding for pilot session and training.


PUBLICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If support from the NeuroTechnology Studio results in a research paper or other public presentation, please acknowledge this support by including the following statement in your publication(s):


“We thank the NeuroTechnology Studio at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for providing [as applicable] instrument access and consultation on data acquisition and data analysis. “