Leica DMI6000 Inverted Microscope


System location: HBTM 10th floor 10006B

To schedule a training session or pilot on the system, please contact Lai Ding ( lding@bwh.harvard.edu)

There is no charge to use this instrument, but it must be reserved through the Partners Core Management System (PCMS). Users need to register through the PCMS website (see below), then request training.



Available Techniques: Fluorescent, Brightfield

Objectives10x, 20x, 40x (dry)


This is an older microscope that was donated to the NeuroTechnology Studio.  It is in good working condition, but provides limited options and is intended primarily for users who want to quickly check their samples’ fluorescence intensity level, or manually take fluorescence images.

It can be used for fluorescence imaging with DAPI/GFP/YFP/TexasRed/Cy5 channel + brightfield. The microscope has a Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 camera for fluorescence acquisition. It does NOT have a color camera and is NOT capable of DIC/Phase Contrast imaging. The microscope is equipped with 10X, 20X, 40X dry objectives. No oil objective is available.


PUBLICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If support from the NeuroTechnology Studio results in a research paper or other public presentation, please acknowledge this support by including the following statement in your publication(s):


“We thank the NeuroTechnology Studio at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for providing [as applicable] instrument access and consultation on data acquisition and data analysis. “