System location: HBTM 11th floor 11128

The mesoscope is not yet incorporated into the Partners Core Management System (PCMS), although we plan to do this in future.  Until then, investigators interested in performing pilot studies on the system may contact Lai Ding ( lding@bwh.harvard.eduor Teri Zgoda ( to discuss research interests and training requirements. 


The Thorlabs Mesoscope provides 2-photon imaging at subcellular resolution (~0.6 micron) over a very wide (~5mm) field of view, at near-video frame rates. It is designed for intravital imaging in small animals, including the ability to monitor neural activity across multiple brain regions in parallel.


PUBLICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If research supported (meaning image acquisition and/or image analysis) by the NeuroTechnology Studio results in publication, please acknowledge our support by including the following statement in your publication(s):

“We thank the NeuroTechnology Studio on providing instrument and consultation on imaging acquisition and image analysis. “